Alumni Connect

Connect, learn and get advice from past international students (alumni) now working in the Wellington region

The Alumni Connect Programme is an opportunity for tertiary students to connect with a previous international student who now work fulltime in the Wellington region.

Gain real insights from someone who has already been through a similar situation to you when they finished their tertiary study and went on to seeking fulltime work.

How it works

Students and alumni need to register for the programme via the forms below. You will then be matched and introduced to your alumni match who is currently working in the region. Once introduced, you and your alumni match will organise when, how (via Zoom, Skype, Facebook Video call, phone) and the date you will meet.

What can you discuss?

This is your chance to gain insights from alumni on how they got into the workforce. Discussions might include:

  • The alumni journey through study to employment 
  • Challenges, solutions and achievements
  • What helped the alumni get to where they are today 
  • Tips for job hunting in New Zealand 
  • Suggestions on how to get noticed in the workforce
  • What other experiences did they have working in New Zealand, voluntary or paid 
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Not sure if the programme is for you?

Find out how past students and alumni found the programme.

“The most surprising thing about the Alumni Connect catch up was, I was able to connect with an alumni from my university who also did the same course as mine. The program is a more direct way to interact with alumni than other platforms for networking” – Ankur Mathur, student participant

“I learned massively about the importance of establishing networks and what I should aim for before getting a job or while still studying” – Tomasito Cabarles, student participant

“I think the most useful thing I learned was about the different ways I can connect/network with people and the various methods one can do to apply for jobs. The second most useful thing is the discussion of having great spirits when job hunting” – Khairina Khairul Anuar, student participant

“The programme has given me a sense of satisfaction as it has provided a platform for me to share my knowledge and experience with the graduates” – Satya Kancharla, alumni mentor

“I wish I had this programme opportunity when I was studying five years ago, it’s awesome to be able to share experiences, opportunities and challenges with students” – Sarah Grant, alumni mentor

“Doing the programme reminded me of how I started and it felt really rewarding to be able to pass my experience onto others.” – Sue Zhu, alumni mentor

I participated in many of their programmes such as Alumni Connect and Work Ready in Wellington. These programs gave me the opportunity to understand work life in Wellington even before I graduated.

Manidu Abeygunawardena (Dee)

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