National Ambassadors Programme

Become part of a community that connects and supports international students in the Wellington region and nationally

The National Ambassadors Programme has been set up to connect international students with each other, with their communities, to support them in their journey and to foster their wellbeing.

It involves the recruitment of international and domestic students from both secondary schools and tertiary institutions who will act as ambassadors, providing a voice for international students within their organisation both online and face-to-face.

Since launching in 2021, the National Ambassadors Programme has formed a community connecting and supporting international students in the Wellington region and nationally. Read more about the 2021 programme highlights.

The benefits

For international students

  • Make connections with other international students
  • Connect with the communities they live in
  • Support and foster wellbeing

For ambassadors

  • An opportunity to take the lead and drive a programme for students, by students
  • Training, guidance and support to help them in their leadership role
  • Join forces with ambassadors nationally
  • Empower international students
  • Enable fellow international students to have a voice through organising events/activities

For secondary schools and tertiary institutions

  • An opportunity to put forward international students as ambassadors to represent their institution and connect with like-minded students both regionally and nationally
  • A way to ensure international students feel welcome and at home here, by helping them to connect with their peers and communities while also offering them support and fostering their wellbeing

How it works

The student ambassador-led programme will see ambassadors taking the lead in developing and organising activities for their student communities, with support from Study in Wellington and its education partners.

Training will be given, courtesy of Study in Wellington and external partners, covering planning, health and safety, mentoring, leadership, global citizenship and other skills.

Recruitment process

Ambassadors will be selected per secondary school, both domestic and international. Tertiary institutions require a larger number of ambassadors to ensure representation, which may be on a per faculty basis.

To be eligible, students need to be currently studying in secondary or tertiary education in the Wellington region. To learn more, email Study in Wellington.

Programme timeline

  • August - Second regional gathering and ambassadors start designing a programme of support for international students through planned events and activities within the Wellington region and nationally
  • September - November - Ambassadors continue designing, promoting and facilitating events and activities for international students. Online and face-to-face monthly meetings will also be held
  • November - Third regional gathering to discuss the progress
  • December - End of year celebration for the ambassadors and review of the programme

The ambassador’s role

Study in Wellington will act to empower ambassadors to be the voice of international students. The ambassador’s role, with training and support from Study in Wellington, will empower them to:

  • Support change, advocating for students and providing feedback directly to decision-makers and stakeholders within the region
  • Lead events in their own institutions and as a collective within the region, backed by their principals and international directors to connect with the wider school/tertiary and local communities
  • Organise activities in their institutions and outings for students
  • Promote the health and wellbeing of students within their institutions and communities
  • Share stories and promoting student success and challenges
  • Be part of focus groups that support the development of Study in Wellington’s international education programmes

Ambassador nominations

 Nominations have now closed for 2022.

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