Why Wellington

Surrounded by nature and fuelled by creative energy, New Zealand’s compact capital features a compelling mix of culture, history, nature and cuisine

Perched on the water’s edge and surrounded by tree-covered hills, it’s no surprise that New Zealand’s creative and cultural capital often ranks as one of the most livable cities in the world.

Ideally located in the middle of New Zealand, access to Wellington is easy. The city boasts a vibrant arts and entertainment scene, award-winning restaurants, excellent coffee, local wine and craft beer, thriving industries, and world-class education institutes. Renowned for its diverse cultural scene, Wellington is also hugely proud of its prestigious title as a UNESCO City of Film.

Whether your area of expertise is in tech/fintech, engineering, business and finance, health, construction, screen, gaming or hospitality, Wellington is a place of opportunity.

Outside of work, the Wellington region is an outdoor lover’s paradise. There are dozens of mountain bike tracks, walking trails and surf beaches to explore, all within easy access from the CBD.

Location is everything

Nestled at the bottom of the North Island in New Zealand, the Wellington region is easily accessible by car, train, ferry and plane - Wellington Airport is just a 15-minute drive from the heart of the city.

The daily commute is easy too, with trains, ferries, buses, electric bikes, and scooters connecting you from home to work. In fact, the average Wellington commute is just 25 minutes.

With the CBD only two kilometres wide, you can take advantage of walking to work, to your next meeting, or on your lunch break.

Live the good life

The Wellington region offers a relaxed, easy-going lifestyle with short commutes, low levels of pollution, and a culture focused on work-life balance. Sitting quietly between the sea and acres of regional parks, forests and mountains, the city is not just surrounded by nature, it's immersed in it.

You can step out of your home or office and the great outdoors is right on your doorstep. Run along Wellington’s picturesque waterfront or explore the hundreds of walking or bike trails. And that’s before you consider all the other regional walks, treks, bike trails, surf beaches and waterfronts on offer if you venture into the region to the likes of the Kāpiti Coast, Porirua, the Hutt Valley, and Wairarapa.

If you've got kids, there's more great news - there are more than 100 playgrounds and parks in Wellington city alone. It’s no wonder Wellingtonians never sit idle.

It’s also why Wellingtonians top the charts when it comes to quality of life - the latest Nielsen Quality of Life survey shows 89% of those questioned perceive the Wellington region as a great place to live, and 89% rate their overall quality of life as “very good”.

Wellington is one of the only capital cities in the world accredited as a 'Safe Community’.

Endorsed by the World Health Organisation

Soak up the nightlife

Wellington’s vibrant nightlife means you are spoilt for choice. Cuba Street and Courtenay Place are Wellington's favourite precincts for fun and entertainment where the party never seems to stop.

Take in a show or movie, swing by Wellington’s array of local bars, clubs or cocktail lounges, catch some DJ tunes or live music, and party or catch up with friends and colleagues at local pubs and dive bars.

Foodies’ paradise

Wellington boasts talented brewers, world-famous wineries, and top-notch cafés and restaurants.

Whether it’s having morning tea over a perfect flat white, popping out for a quick and tasty lunch, or wining and dining with family and friends in the evening, Wellington has something to curb any craving.

And good food isn’t just found on the central streets of Wellington city. Lower Hutt, Petone, Porirua and Wellington’s suburbs and the wider Wellington region boast some of New Zealand’s top restaurants and cafés.

Whether it’s ice cream, chocolate, fried chicken, or wood-fired pizza, when it comes to treating your tastebuds the possibilities are endless.

Cultural and creative

Renowned for its creative and cultural heart, experience for yourself the creative spirit and artistic flair that sets Wellington apart.

From huge cultural festivals to colourful annual pride parades and a thriving LGBTQI+ community, Wellington welcomes immigration and diversity.

There are always Wellington bands playing at a local bar, student art exhibitions, and pop-up events to keep you on your toes. Take in artworks at the numerous galleries and enjoy theatre performances on one of the city's stages.

For sports lovers, there’s also numerous local, regional, national and international games played in the capital throughout the year.

Community focus

Wellington's rich cultural scene makes it as exciting for singles as it is welcoming for families. There are more than 80 nationalities represented in the region, with Statistics New Zealand figures showing about 25% of people in the city were born overseas.

You’ll find Wellingtonians among the most welcome and accepting people you’ll meet. Locals love new people in the region and are quick to learn and celebrate different cultures, identities and abilities in their communities and workplaces.

Wellington's talent pool of well educated, worldly and skilled people is the region's greatest asset, with Wellington workers being better educated than the average New Zealander.

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