Student Excellence Awards

Find out everything you need to know about the Wellington International Student Excellence Awards and how to apply

The annual awards organised by WellingtonNZ recognise high-achieving international students in the Wellington region who excel academically, in the arts, sport, community or online.

The awards also celebrate the achievements of domestic students who support international students, international graduate alumni in the workforce and employers within the region who give opportunities to international graduate alumni.

The 2021 Wellington International Student Excellence Awards were held at The Opera House on 9 November and recognised twenty-four secondary and tertiary international students. Learn about the high-achieving international students who received accolades at the awards here.

2021 awards

The sixth annual awards ceremony will be held on Tuesday, November 9, at The Opera House and will feature nine categories – workplace, alumni, academic, sport, leadership, creative, online community, international student champion and community engagement.

Nominations for the 2021 awards have now closed. Successful nominees will be notified by Friday, October 15.

The categories

International students, domestic students and organisations are all important to our Wellington community and we want to celebrate the value and impact they bring.

Judges will select winners across nine categories.

The application process

Student awards

Students can apply themselves, be nominated by a staff member or by an international student in one of the seven student award categories (academic, creativity, sports, community engagement, leadership and online community).

Only one application per student, and please select the category that best reflects key achievements.


Alumni can apply themselves or be nominated by a workmate or peer.


Anyone can nominate a workplace or an individual employee, including internal staff within the workplace.

Eligibility criteria

  • All ages and levels of education can apply, as long as they meet the set criteria for each category
  • Previous award winners can not apply
  • Please refer to our Awards guidelines

Award nominations

Nominations have now closed. Successful nominees will be notified by Friday, October 15.